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Last Updated - 02-02-2016


  Ms.Sandra Heard


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Recent “Changes” in the Disabled Veterans’ Homestead Exemption amounts!

This exemption allows a veteran with a service-connected disability (SCD) of at least 30% that was issued by the US Department of Veterans Affairs to receive a discounted assessment.

 -The exemption amount will increase as indicated below:

 -If the veteran has experienced a SCD ranging from 30 % - 49% will receive an exemption of 2,500.

 -If the veteran experienced a SCD that ranges from 50 %- 69% will receive an exemption value of 5,000

- A 100% exemption from taxes is granted if the percentage of SCD is 70% or greater.



Monee Township Board Meetings are held on the Third Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at the Monee Township Hall (Egyptian Trail Location),  26121 Egyptian Trail Monee.

Meeting Schedule for 2015 can be found at

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      Monee Township Exemptions and Appeal Update

            Article published by Monee Assessor Sandra Heard           


During the 2015 quadrennial year, all properties were reassessed according the Illinois State Tax code, and other county guidelines.

After the 2015 quadrennial year reassessment process a factor of 1.4% increase was applied to most residential properties in the Township by the Will County Supervisor of Assessment. If you have questions or concerns that should be discussed, you may call to set appointment for review by the Assessor.

In the past assessments were reduced due to the loss in value of homes increase of foreclosures and short sales. While foreclosures and short sales still exist, some sales values have increased due to resell of properties by investors after renovations are made.

Property Tax Relief for Disabled Veterans*

For your information: the Public Act 99-0375 increases the exemption amounts in 35 ILCS 200/15-169 and lowers the service-connected disability threshold to qualify for the exemption beginning with the 2015 tax year for the property taxes payable in 2016.

Every year we have taxpayers ask questions that are similar to these frequently asked questions. These responses may help shed some light on your own questions:

Question: Will lowering your assessment lower your tax dollars?  

Response: No, in most cases, the Assessment value times the rate equals taxes paid (Assmt x rate=$).  One of the political affects on your taxes dollar is that assessments are the only portion of your tax bill that can be appealed.  While there is no avenue to appeal rates, it is the rate portion of your bill that increases when assessments decrease.   The Taxing Bodies’ budget amount drives the rate so that they can continue to get the same dollars every year or even an increase.  This system should be updated so that taxpayers could realize a reduction in tax dollars and tax rates could remain at a level that could retain businesses in the township.  Businesses tend to leave or will avoid a community when tax rates are too high.  When businesses lessen or stay away from a community, then tax burden falls on residents even more.

It is no argument that all taxpayers, including myself, want and need to see a break in their taxes.  It is understandable that there is a level of dissatisfaction in the amount of taxes that have to be paid by thousands of households who have also experienced income reductions, job losses, reduction of retirement income but expenses have not reduced and in some cases have increased including their Tax Bill.

Question: When individual taxpayers demand assessment reductions, then how does this affect other residents’ taxes?

 Response:  All taxpayers are affected by decisions that are made for anyone else in the township.  The Assessors’ office is responsible for applying fair assessment for the entire township.  To reduce one property 50%, as some have requested, then this property would be inequitably assessed compared to other similar properties in the township.  Then in order to remove the inequity, similar properties would have to be reduced 50%.  The problem is that this is not possible to reduce any neighborhood in the township as much as 50% because of state and county limitations.  But for sure if they were to reach such low levels, then taxing bodies’ rates would double to make up the difference and your tax bill would still reflect the same dollars due from you. 

Example: If old assessment was 50,000 with rates at 10% then taxes = $5,000 but if the assessments are reduced to 25,000 then the rate that would have to be increased to 20% in order to raise the same $5,000 in tax revenue.

 Question: Should foreclosure sales prices represent market value since that is what houses are selling for currently?

Response: Foreclosure prices by definition are prices that are less than market value.  These are the prices that are accepted in a situation where you have a motivated seller or bank owned inventory that needs to move fast.   Buyers of foreclosures and short sale homes will receive discounts when buying homes. Then they fix them up so a profit can be made when they resell or they may decide to rent them out.  The problem here is that market value cannot move downward as fast as foreclosure prices do.  But even if they did, the following year the new foreclosure prices would be even lower.  There has to be a limit established that separates market price from foreclosure prices, they should never be the same number.

Question: How does Investor purchases and assessment reduction request affect residents of the Township?

Response: This appeal season has consisted of primarily investors who do not live in the township but purchases properties at low values and then resell within a year to make a significant profit, sometimes 2-4 times their purchase prices.  While investors do have the right to appeal just as other property owners in the township, and they generally do so by hiring attorneys, they sometimes do not qualify to file.  At our office, we diligently review the appeals documents provided and research the particular property's sales history, conditions of the property at the time of sale via MLS information, verify that the comparables provided are in Monee Township(some come from Cook County and we cannot consider these) and the condition of these sales.  Then we provide supporting evidence for the subject property's current assessment. 

This activity is conducted even when the investor does not qualify to file since they did not own the property as of 1/1/15.  Also many times the property may have had multiple owners in the current year and the person filing is no longer the current owner.  When assessors go to appeals to defend the assessments, if there was no agreement between the property owner and the assessor, the purpose is to be fair.  At the same time, assessors must be cognizant of certain circumstances that may represent an unfair advantage that some investors may be seeking.  If a thorough job is not done in these instances and a reduction is granted giving an unfair advantage to any property owner, then the difference in taxes not paid will eventually be obtained from the homeowners who live in the township. This is why I stand my ground to encourage and ensure that fairness and equity remains.

 Question: What else can be done to help taxpayers lower their tax bill?

Response: Assessors advocate options to help taxpayers save on their tax bill.  Assessments have been lowered so you can see some saving in the past years. Keeping in mind, if the taxpayers in the tax base are diminishing then there is less revenue of the taxing bodies like your schools, police and fire, parks, libraries, community colleges and forest preserves. However, I continue to fight for Seniors to be fairly treated with their Senior Assessment Freeze and minimize increases to their taxes in their retirement years.  Every year, I review thousands of assessments to ensure neighborhood equity.  I am constantly trying to arrive at resolutions that will lend to the best solution for all involved. 

Exemptions: Check your tax bill for exemptions to see if you have all that is due to you.  The list of exemptions include Homestead exemptions, senior exemptions (65 years or older) and senior assessment freeze (based on income of $55,000 a year or under for the entire household), disabled person or disabled veteran, returning veterans and home improvement exemptions.  If you are not sure which exemption you should have on your property or what is your current exemption, and then call us during office hours and someone will be able to assist you in obtaining this information.  Do you know anyone 65 years or older  them contact us ASAP!

You may contact us by phone 708-534-6023, fax 708-534-6027 and website,         email, If you have questions, you may call during office hours (Monday and Wednesday from 9 am- 12 pm, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am- 3 pm are winter hours) drop in or set an appointment as needed.

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