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PIN Breakdown

Map Section Example

The Map # is 4-digits; the first two are the land section and the next two digits are the map in the section set.
Example: 1718 represents Section 17 map 18.

Map sections with multiple maps refer to map section overview for the detailed map of specific area. Enter the Map # on the Map Selection Page to display the map and the data for the parcels displayed on it. Due to parcel density, some maps identify each parcel with only the Block & Lot # portion of the whole PIN (see typical PIN breakdown). The Block # may be shown in an oval shape depending on map density. Except for condo units, the Block & Lot # together make a parcel unique in each land section. The last 4-digits of a PIN will identify individual condo units in each land section. The Map Selection Page is a 3-frame web page so you can print individual frames. To print just a map click in the map frame anywhere on the map and choose selected frame only as the print option. All Manhattan Township parcel numbers (PIN) start with 12 as the first two digits in the parcel number. Will County places a 21 at the beginning of Monee Township Parcel Numbers so some documents may include this county code.

Typical PIN breakdown example: 21-14-01-100-001-0000.

  • 21 - County Code for Monee Township. Note: The county code is not used in this database.

  • 14 - Township Number for Monee.

  • 01 - Township Land Section #; typically, there are 36 land sections per township.

  • 100 - Block # in a 1/4 section of a whole land section. These 3 digits are sometimes called the Area Number. There can be several Block Numbers within the same 1/4 section identifying different blocks of individual land parcels. Example: 100, 101, 102 each will identify an area in the same quarter section. In a given land section, the 100 series Block# are located in NW 1/4 (northwest quarter of a whole section), 200 series Block# are located in the NE 1/4, 300 series Block# are located in the SW 1/4, and 400 series Block# are located in the SE 1/4.

  • 001 - Lot # the individual land parcel within the Block # area.

  • 0000 - Other Information; when the last four digits are all zeroes, they do not convey any information. The last four digits are used to identify two parts of a parcel with a split tax code. They also can be used to identify individual condo units in a multi-condo complex.